Stone Industry Booming in Dalian Area

Dalian area is a traditional natural stone industry base for over tens years. However, it was mainly for domestic market. Since Chinese government started a greener-environment action, natural stone industry faced difficulty in many traditional stone area, such as Fujian and Shandong. However, factories quickly find that Dalian area has the opportunities for continuing their business, because in Dalian, there are less regulations and requirements to stone industry.

Dalian is close to Yantai on the other side of BoHai channel

That’s is the reason why there are so many newly opened factories in Dalian area since 2018, For example, in Gaizhou city (a small city nearby Dalian), the number stone factories reached over 100, all of them are heavily invested, the lowest investment of the factory is USD 4.5 million, the higher as USD 60 million; Yearly stone blocks yield 2,300,000 m3, and the slabs capacity reached 60,000,000 m2.

Profstone started to build its production base in Dalian area since 2017, at present, we have reached capacity of 3000 containers per year in this area. Our product includes Steps, Slabs, Wall blocks, Kerbs and Sculptures etc.

Slab factory
Kerbs and Wall Blocks Working Site
Kerbs working Site 2