Why natural stone industry prosperous in Dalian?

By David Zhao @Profstone.com

Dalian locates at the south part Liaodong Peninsula and guards the Bohai Channel. It is one of the largest ports in China with advantages in exporting.

location of Dalian

Meanwhile, there are many mountains in the north part of Dalian. For a long time, there has been a traditional stone industry. “Close to mountains and making live on mountains”, rich in stone resources and working force are the traditional advantages of Dalian’s natural sotne industry.

However, for a long time, compared with Fujian, Shandong, and Hubei, provinces, Dalian’s stone industry is not very strong in the country: this is mainly because Dalian’s stone products mainly for local and northeast regions, the market is relatively small; also lack investing capital, equipment, and technology. In general, the natural stone industry was under development for many years.

In the past two years, with the Chinese government environmental protection policy, the traditional stone industry bases have been seriously affected: the quarries were shut down and processing factories cleaned up, this destroyed the supply chain of natural stone products, domestic and international markets cry for a new supply solution.

Under this circumstance, people began to notice the advantages of Dalian: First of all, there are abundant natural stone resources, different colors of stone can be found here; at the same time, there is a port and it is convenient for transportation; moreover, the local economy is relatively limited: the stone industry is a traditional pillar business and it is possible for further development. As a result, the suppressed stone production has been quickly revived here, investment and professional workers have been gathered in Dalian and surrounding cities; New factories are established and production capacity has been quickly improved.

A production site in Dalian

In today’s Dalian, many types of stone processing workshops are newly built on road’s side, along with quarries expanding in size; at the same time, we can see stone workers coming from all over the country and buyers from all over the world. The once-diminished Chinese stone industry finds a new booming chance, and Dalian is growing as a star in the industry.

However, we should also see the challenges that Dalian stone industry is facing: the most critical challenge is still from the environment: how to maintain the bottom line of the “blue-water-green-mountain”. When the industry is developing, we must avoid damaging the water source and the landscaping of mountains. This challenge determines that if the emerging stone industry can develop smoothly in Dalian area. We believe that Dalian’s stone industry will continue growing up steadily by introducing advanced production and management technologies, environment-friendly equipment and concepts, as well as local government guidance and self-discipline of the industry practitioners.

A new factory in Dalian

Profstone is the pioneer that starting the natural stone business in Dalian area. At present, Profstone has developed a completed natural stone products supply chain in Dalian, from mining to hand split processing, from machining-cutting to sculpture products. Depends on such a supply chain, we are able to quickly respond to multiple demands of the market, from small orders to large project orders. We welcome customers to visit our quarries and factories. Our long-years exporting experience and strength will help your successes in business.