Profstone Quality Inspection Training Seminar

Profstone regards product quality as life and an important competitive advantage. Each year, profstone calls its inspectors, who dispatched in domestic factories, to join the quality inspection training session in head office Yantai. 

2019 training session held on Aug 6-7, during the 2 days event, all the staff, including staff in the office, sit down together and talked about the quality issues and the way of improvement. During the session, we studied about quality standard of different types of products, analyzed newly discovered quality issues and find a way of improvement. 

Meanwhile, inspectors shared their personal experiences with others, such as how to maintain a cooperative relationship with factories, how to read and explain complicated drawings, Package standard, and problems, etc.

Because we hired some new inspectors recently to catch up on the volume increasing, the newcomers need to learn such knowledge more than others. 

Two days’ session is short, but our staff, especially our inspectors developed their knowledge and skills fundamentally. At the same time, staff in office and inspectors built more familiarity and collaboration. 

The next seminar will be arranged at the end of the year.