The first bulk carrier of Profstone

The container shipping market is booming, and serious bottlenecks have appeared in the global container supply chain. Freight charges have repeatedly hit new highs. Container shortages, space shortages, shipping delays and order cancellations have become the norm in the container shipping market.

Considering the mentioned situations, it is a solution to change the transport of goods from containers to bulk boat. In this way, neither containers nor spaces are used.

Container cargo transported by bulk carrier

In order to ensure the timely delivery of goods, Profstone has been committed to the bulk carrier shipment since the beginning of 2021. Through continuous efforts and advancement, we bagan to collect cargo to Dalian Port in early April.

In mid-April, the first batch of bulk carrier was loaded in Dalian Port, 9682 tons, 6729 pkgs.

The cargo loading of the first bulk carrier provided us experience and confidence in the subsequent bulk carriers.The shipment of the second bulk carrier is expected to be July 4th. We believe that the loading of the second and third batch of bulk carriers will be better and smoother.