Medical Disposal Protection Overall

Medical Protective Overall (Non-Sterilizing)

Inner Pack size: 320mmx420mm, 1 pc inside

  Weight: 220-270g/pack

Package: 25 pcs/Carton  

Carton Dimension: 600mm*410mm*490mm

Weight:  7-9KG/Carton


Product Info:

  • Product Name:Medical Desposable Protecting Overall (Non-Sterilizing)
  • Product Material:PP+PE (Polypropylene+ Polyethylene breathable coating)
  • Product Standard: GB19082-2009
    * Product Details: Color: White
    * PPeriod of Validity: 2 years
  • Remarks: We provide this type of product from several certificated producers, all of the products match the requirement from different destination counties. Please request product specifications for a detailed check.
    For ordering: Due to the high demand period and limited production capacity and timing sensitiveness, we require a 100% payment in advance to hold the products and delivery priority. Once signed contract, we will guarantee the delivery and following order details.

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