N95 Mask

 N95 Mask



Country                           Marks
USA N95 N99 N100  
  R95 R99 R100  
  P95 P99 P100  
EU P1 (FFP1) P2 (FFP2) P3 (FFP3)   
  P2 P3    
Australia P1 (FFP1) P2 (FFP2) P3 (FFP3)   
Japan DS1 DS2 DS3  

Product Info:

  • Name: N95 Mask
  • Product Standard:Specification on demand or on product description.
  • Package: 50p/pack or 100p/pack
  • Remarks:We provide this type of product from several certificated producers, all of the products match the requirement from different destination counties. Please request product specifications for a detailed check.
    For ordering: Due to the high demand period and limited production capacity and timing sensitiveness, we require a 100% payment in advance to hold the products and delivery priority. Once signed contract, we will guarantee the delivery and following order details.

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