10 most popular natural stone materials from Shandong Province

Shandong is a large province of natural stone resources, in terms of its name original “east of the mountain”.  Mountain/hills area covers about 1/4 of the land, is an important stone industry base in China.

In Shandong, the natural stone resource is very different from other provinces: with colorful varieties, large reserves, high quality, and wide distribution. More than 50 counties and cities in the province have discovered and developed stone mines. There are more than 110 types of stone, including more than 80 types of granite and more than 30 types of marble, which are divided into red, white, black, green, Six series. There are about 40 marble material mines and more than 120 granite stone mines in the province. The total proven granite stone reserves exceed 28 billion cubic meters and the total marble material reserves exceed 3 billion cubic meters.

Among so many kinds of natural stone materials, following 10 stones are most famous and popular in the market:

  1. G383 “Pearl flower” Most widely used in Domestic building.
  2. G341 A light grey material low cost, Most popular for curbstone.
  3. Sandstone: A Yellow sandstone in Shandong.
  4. G363: A pink material similar with G664
  5. G386-8 An Elegant red granite
  6. New G654 (G304)  A totally same material with G654
  7. Purple sandstone: Unique purple color material
  8. G353: Best middle-Grey granite in the market.
  9. G350: Best rust color granite
  10. Blue-Limestone: